Ziaja is a Polish producer of pharmaceuticals and high-quality cosmetics based on effective ingredients for face, body and hair care. The company was established in 1989 by two pharmacists, Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja.

Our company has originated from passion and the desire to make therapeutic preparations and skin care cosmetics with the simplest formulas, based on pharmaceutical experience and inspired by harsh coastal climate.

From the very beginning we follow clear and simple rules, and above all honesty to our Customers and Partners. Our focus on continuous improvement and development makes us a future oriented and innovative company.

Facial, body, hair care and intimate care – in each of these categories we are at the top of the Polish cosmetic market. This success originates from hard work and enormous dedication as well as great enthusiasm and creativity. We try to draw on the potential of Pomerania and Polish roots as much as possible.

We started off with olive oil cream, which continues to sell successfully until this day.



The history of Ziaja Olive Cream packaging



Today Ziaja is a brand encompassing a wide variety of modern products, which are designed to help all skin types and skin problems. Ziaja is a brand for the whole family, it offers specialised lines for women, men as well as baby and kids.

Our offer includes more than 1000 kinds of skin-friendly and environment-friendly products. Ziaja’s bestselling lines include: Goat’s Milk line, Olive Oil line and Cocoa Butter line.