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Dry skin water balance
Intensely hydrated,
soft and elastic skin
Smooth and rejuvenated skin
with less visible wrinkles
Skin protected
against skin irritation and dryness

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Classic, tradition and elegance

Ziaja story began with natural olive cream that has been successfully sold until today.


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Mother’s Day is fast-approaching (14 March), but worry not! ⁠

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Shower your mum with some pampering surprises she'll really love for fabulously fresh & silky smooth skin!⁠

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Take your shower to uplifting new heights with new our planet-friendly shower gels. 😊

Renew your senses with this all natural, microbiome protecting body wash, with its irresistible fig nectar. Made with gentle cleansing ingredients that protect the skin microbiome with an easy to rinse off formula for less water consumption.

✔️ easy to rinse-off formulas
✔️ ingredients that protect the skin microbiome ⁠
✔️ ⁠95% substances of natural origin
✔️ vegan⁠ + cruelty-free⁠
✔️ eco-friendly formulas
✔️ recyclable containers & caps

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We don't do favourites! but we are having a moment with our newest addition 😍 Planet-friendly shower gels & bubble baths 💚

✔️ fascinating fragrances
✔️ easy to rinse-off formulas
✔️ ingredients that protect the skin microbiome ⁠
✔️ ⁠natural ⁠ingredients⁠
✔️ vegan⁠
✔️ cruelty-free⁠
✔️ eco-friendly formulas
✔️ recyclable containers & caps

#focusonskin #ziaja #ecovibe #vegan #showergel #bodywash #microbiome #micellar #recycle #savewater
Open up a new dimension in your skincare routine with this powerhouse of active marine ingredients that deliver real results and bring a feeling of well-being to the skin.

The ziaja marine algae active firming cream is the perfect ally in the battle against ageing skin with plumping blue algae (hydro retinol) and deep sea nutrients that visibly lift and firm the skin. Formula strengthens collagen and elastine fibres, smoothing out the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This formula also contains UV filters. Key ingredients: hydro-retinol, vitamin E, laminaria digitata, enteromorpha compressa and canola oil.

And the best bit, ziaja marine algae products are surprisingly affordable with the very same ingredients found in premium beauty brands! All the products from this line are vegan and they have a fresh scent of the marine breeze 🤍

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#competition time! 😊

Can you guess which 4 ziaja scrubs are in this photo?

Comment your 4 ziaja body scrub guesses below to win a special prize. We'll draw one lucky winner from all the correct answers to receive a pampering self care box.

Good luck! Competition closes on Friday 19 February.
If you're experiencing body breakouts, make some space in your shower routine for the skin-clearing ingredients in jeju black shower soap. 👇⁠

The special black charcoal formula helps to get rid of imperfections, draws out excess dirt and oil that cause breakouts, soothes irritations and redness. It also has an invigorating herbal scent that’s a great pick-me-up for morning showerers. ⁠

✔️ Vegan⁠
✔️ 95% ingredients of natural origin ⁠
✔️ Japanese camellia moisturises and regenerates the skin⁠
✔️ binchotan charcoal draws out dirt and removes impurities⁠
✔️ contains purge extract, effective in acne skin care & active salicylates from aspen poplar bark⁠
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Reader Trials: The Verdict 5/5 👏

'Our readers trialled the products and simply couldn't get over the difference in their hands in just two days - everyone's hands are drier now due to the pandemic but these creams help retain moisture'

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If stress is keeping you awake at night, try taking a quick bubble bath before bed to imbue some sleepiness.

And take your soak up an eco-friendly notch with our new bubble baths! They’re fresh, they’re vegan and environmentally-friendly! 😍🌿

💜 Italian fig
❤️ red currant
💚 fresh tea mint

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